Department of Neurosurgery at the Hospital “Burgasmed”


Department of Neurosurgery at the Hospital “Burgasmed”



NEUROSURGERY DEPARTMENT The Department of Neurosurgery accepts and treats victims and patients:

The compartment includes:

In addition to the classic, routine techniques, the department's surgical practice is applied in keeping with current trends and requirements:

Various neurosurgical interventions with great complexity are performed. The department has introduced for the first time in the country almost all modern interventions in neurosurgery - microneurosurgery, cerebral valves, neuronavigation, anterior and lateral access to the spine, spinal stabilizations and disk implants, pain syndromes.

There are possibilities for modern high-quality imaging diagnostics (computed tomography - scanner, magnetic resonance imaging, angiography), neurophysiological diagnostics: ECE, EP, EMG, ultrasound and more.

The technological equipment of the operating room of the ward is at a high modern level: operating microscopes and instruments for microneurosurgery, neuronavigation - ultrasound control, high-speed microdrill, X-ray control, electrophysiological equipment (for evoked potentials, EEG), microneurosurgery and surgery. in traumatic, tumor and degenerative spondylidisogenic diseases.