Neurosurgical Clinic at the Hospital “St. Anna – Varna”


Neurosurgical Clinic at the Hospital “St. Anna – Varna”


  • Проф. Светослав Калевски
  • Доц. Георги Кючуков
  • Д-р Деян Ханджиев
  • Д-р Ридиан Неделко
  • Д-р Ганчо Стоянов
  • Иван Киряков
  • Радка Генова
  • Митко Шопов
  • Суна Салиева
  • д-р Елена Харизанова


Head of the Clinic: 052 821/524

Art. med. sister: 052 821/595

Doctor's office: 052 821/620, 650

PAC: 052 821/428


The clinic is located in the Therapeutic block and has a hospital, operating rooms and PKK. The clinic conducts advanced surgical treatment of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems with microsurgical operating techniques. Works on 12 clinical pathways under contract with NHIF. The treatment of health insured persons is ABSOLUTELY FREE! The base of the clinic is training students from the 4th medical course, graduate students and doctoral students. A highly specialized consulting activity is also provided in the region of northeastern Bulgaria, with all the more complex cases being transported for treatment to the clinic. The clinic has 40 beds with a sector for early postoperative care.