Neurosurgical Clinic at the University Hospital “Sofiamed”


Neurosurgical Clinic at the University Hospital “Sofiamed”


  • Д-р Емил Кръстев
  • Д-р Ваня Георгиева
  • Д-р Христо Рангелов
  • Д-р Анатоли Димитров
  • Д-р Есен Мустафа
  • Д-р Стефка Бюлбюлева
  • Здравко Златев
  • Яна Петрова
  • Цветелина Маркова
  • Николай Христов
  • д-р Любомир Велинов


359 895 555 444


The clinic routinely performs operations for tumors of the central and peripheral nervous system, spine and spinal cord, traumatic injuries of the nervous system, diseases of the brain vessels - aneurysms and other malformations, all types of diseases and traumas of the entire spine. There is a possibility for surgical treatment of children. The most up-to-date techniques in spinal surgery have been introduced, including bloodless operations for disc hernias. There is an option for endovascular surgery.


The clinic also works in the following areas:

The team also has a neurologist certified for highly specialized activity (EEG), which allows for better diagnosis of treatment and follow-up of patients.