Neurosurgical Clinic at the University Hospital “St. Anna”


Neurosurgical Clinic at the University Hospital “St. Anna”


  • Д-р Стефан Николов
  • Д-р Виолета Арнаудова
  • Д-р Владимир Душанов
  • Д-р Нурфет Алиоски
  • Д-р Румен Филипов
  • Георги Петров
  • Д-р Тодор Алексиев
  • Димитър Добрев
  • д-р Шенгюн Халил
  • д-р Алекса Андонов


Base East 5th floor.

Contact team on duty: 02 9759056

Mob: 0879885190


The Clinic of Neurosurgery is located on the 5th floor, in the base of East of University Hospital "St. Anna" -Sofia AD. The structure of the clinic is made up of 3 wards: I-ward with 10 pcs. beds in the field of oncurosurgery, functional and stereotactic neurosurgery and neurotraumatology. Section II - 10pcs. beds with spinal neurosurgery, vascular neurosurgery and endoscopic neurosurgery. 3rd Ward - 5pcs. lay endovascular neurosurgery. The clinic has 3 pcs. high-tech operating rooms on the fifth floor and endovascular laboratory with an operating room on the ground floor. It is highly specialized, has state-of-the-art equipment, an excellent team of doctors and nurses, and patient care is around the clock.


Traumatic neurosurgery: - Traumatic brain injury - Spinal cord injuries - Acute and chronic peripheral nerve injuries, Central nervous system malformations and hydrocephalus, Neuro-oncology - Intracranial tumors - Tumors of soft tablecloths, vault and base of skull - Tumors of the spinal cord, spinal cord epidural space, spine, tumors of the peripheral nerves. Vascular Neurosurgery: - Occlusive cerebrovascular diseases - Brain aneurysms (open and endovascular treatment) - Vascular malformations and CNS fistulas - Spontaneous intracerebral hematomas Inflammatory and parasitic diseases - brain abscesses - vertebral osteomyelitis and epidural abscesses - brain parasitoses Spinal neurosurgery - disk hernias - stenoses - spondylolisthesis Epilepsy surgery Surgical treatment of pain Surgery for compression of peripheral nerves