Neurosurgical Clinic at the University Hospital “St. Ivan Rilsky”


Neurosurgical Clinic at the University Hospital “St. Ivan Rilsky”



Reception room No. 18 02/9523725

Consultative Office No. 19 02/8510811

Office cabinet No. 38 02/9542695


Clinic of Neurosurgery, University Hospital “St. Ivan Rilski ”is the largest in Bulgaria. It has 70 beds, located on two floors of the building - 6 and 5 floor, and the operating unit is located on the 7th floor.

The clinic performs more than 2000 surgical interventions with high (over 30%) and very high complexity (over 63%) in all areas of neurosurgery: microneurosurgery, implantation of brain valves, CT-based stereotaxic interventions, neuronavigation, percutaneous dissectomy and vertebroplasty , anterior and lateral access to the spine, spinal stabilization and disk implants, operative treatment of epilepsy, stimulation of the vagus nerve, neurosurgical treatment of pain syndromes, Parkinson's disease and others, endovascular o treatment of vascular diseases of the brain.

The presence of the high-tech True beam STx linear accelerator also enables the use of stereotactic radiosurgery.

University Hospital "St. Ivan Rilski" has equipment for modern high-quality imaging (CT, MR, ultrasound, angiography, scintigraphy, intra-operative fluorescence, intra-operative monitoring of brain functions), neuro-ophthalmology, neurophysiology, neurophysiology, neurophysiology .


The spectrum of diseases to be treated in the clinic includes all sections of modern neurosurgery:

neuro-oncology - benign and malignant tumors of the brain, spinal cord, spinal cord and peripheral nerves cerebrovascular diseases - aneurysms, vascular malformations, hematomas, strokes pediatric neurosurgery - hydrocephalus, spina bifida, tumors, vascular diseases, canostenoses and other malformations degenerative and post-traumatic diseases of the spine - disc hernias and stenoses of all departments of the spine, spondylolisthesis, deformities, traumatic and osteoporotic fractures functional neurosurgery - epilepsy, pain syndromes / neuralgia, listoses, dyskinesias, dystonia and Parkinson's disease infections and parasitoses - spondylodiscitis, brain abscesses, etc. head and spinal cord trauma congenital and degenerative disorders of the central nervous system surgery of the peripheral nervous system