Neurosurgical Clinic at the University Hospital “Prof. Dr. Stoyan Kirkovich”

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Neurosurgical Clinic at the University Hospital “Prof. Dr. Stoyan Kirkovich”


  • Проф. Петър Вълканов
  • Доц. Стефан Вълканов
  • Д-р Божидар Петров
  • Д-р Ридван Юсуф
  • Д-р Иван Миндов


Assoc. Prof. Stefan Valkanov 0887558275   email:

Phone: 042 698 534


STRUCTURE AND CAPACITY: The Neurosurgery Clinic has 20 beds of II level of competence. The Neurosurgical Clinic is one of the leading university clinics in the field of neurosurgery in Bulgaria. It carries out medical - diagnostic and operative activity in the field of emergency and planned neurosurgery, serving mainly the Stara Zagora region and the region of Southeast Bulgaria. The clinic provides training for students and doctoral students at the Ministry of Education and Science and is a base for specialization and postgraduate training of specialist doctors. The clinic employs 7 doctors, chief assistants and doctors in the field of neurosurgery. The clinic has modern operating rooms and is equipped with modern equipment.

ACTIVITY: At the clinic you can get professional help with the following disease groups: I Injuries to the central and peripheral nervous system. II Benign and malignant neoplasms of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves. III Spondylidiscogens diseases IV Vascular diseases of the brain and spinal cord V Congenital CNS malformations VI Inflammatory and parasitic diseases of the CNS The clinic maintains a permanent scientific and practical exchange and contacts with other university neurosurgical clinics in the country and abroad. The clinic is located in the building of the Surgical Block Floor II.